25 languages, millions of people

Right Choices Bible project spans globe

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Sami Yacoub talks about “The Right Choices Bible” (foreground) at his office in Cairo.

Sami Yacoub thinks in big numbers – thousands of books, millions of potential readers.

Even with that mindset, the 58-year-old printer/publisher just smiles and shakes his head when he thinks about the numbers associated with his latest big project, “The Right Choices Bible” by Josh and Dottie McDowell:

25 — The number of languages that “The Right Choices Bible” is being or will be translated into, including:

  • Arabic
  • Swahili (one of Africa’s main trade languages, spoken by an estimated 140 million people across southeastern Africa)
  • Chichewa (spoken mainly in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique)
  • Tsonga (central Africa)
  • Howsa (Niger, Nigeria)
  • Amheric (Ethiopia)
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Hindi (spoken by estimated 300 million people India)
  • Bengali (spoken by another 300 million in India)
  • Tagalog
  • Albanian
  • Ukrainian

$100,000 – the amount of money, in American dollars, that Yacoub’s company put up front to finance the 25 translations of “The Right Choices Bible.”

10 – The number of employees Yacoub is adding to his team of 17 people just to work on the Bible project.

“This is absolutely new – this is crazy,” says Yacoub, who is finishing a whole new floor in his building just to house the project. “This is a new dimension. I feel the Lord is leading us through seasons, and this is the new season. A family Bible is a creative way to help families read the Bible with their children.

“To reach the country is to create a resource that relates to the culture and to the needs – and, at the same time, to find ways to bring it into the hands of the local church and local people.”

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